But where do you start? They are complicated things and for the unwary beginner the road to brewing super-stardom can be a long and difficult one.
That’s where we can help. Top Shed Brewing offers experience by the barrel-load. Whether you are a complete beginner or a skilled home brewer wanting to take your recipes to a wider market, we know all the tricks of the trade. Together, Greg Cromwell and Alan Knight have sixty years of brewing and marketing knowledge and now they are ready to help make your brewing project a success.

Alan Knight is a veteran of over forty
brewing projects. He started out with The
Upper Canada Brewing Co back in 1987
and has set up and run breweries in
Canada, New Zealand,Australia and
the Cook Islands. He lives in Auckland, NZ and when not pushing the frontiers of brewing he sings and plays in a trad folk band which is every bit as annoying as it sounds.

Greg Cromwell also started out with Upper Canada
and is a partner in Toronto’s Steam Whistle
Brewery. Now Australia based, there’s not
much he can’t tell you about what to do with beer
once it’s ready for market.
Top Shed Brewing offer brewing knowledge, equipment and boundless enthusiasm for marketing the results.
If you already have a brewery and need things fixed,then we can help. If you want a brewery and the right tuition to run it, well…. we can show you MARVELS.
Because while we’re happy to help with larger, more urban breweries,our great passion is small scale outfits, (sometimes called Nano-Breweries). Our aim is to bring breweries to places where nobody thought they were possible. Small islands, remote farms and isolated communities. Places where limited infrastructure makes even the smallest pub breweries too difficult to run and where commercial beer is expensive to buy.
We’ve spent a lot of time working out ways to make brewing beer on a tiny scale both easy and commercially viable in out of the way places. After all, people seemed to manage it pretty well three hundred years ago. We worked out what bits to keep and update, then we found a simple way to package it and send it out. So whether you plan to market your beer to bars and shops or simply form a club and home brew with others, the Top Shed ‘Brewery in a Box’ is what you need.
Our systems require minimal site preparation, no building and only basic utilities. Once delivered they take one working day to assemble. The following day we start showing you how to run it and a month later you have beer ready to sell.