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Fast forward to two years ago and Greg found himself sitting in his farm’s top shed with a couple of rugby mates when the idea came up to brew some beer together. Initially, it was to be homebrew but momentum kicked in and the entrepreneurial spirit fired up again. The result is the Top Shed nano-brewery, now based on his Goonengerry farmstead in the Byron Shire hinterland.

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“It came about as a riff,” he says, “when an old industry colleague showed up at the brewhouse door at Yellowbelly. I had not seen him for decades. He was here for a family wedding.”
The colleague was Greg Cromwell, one of the founders of Toronto’s Steamwhistle Brewery. These days, Cromwell is a farmer-entrepreneur living in Australia, and working with the Aussie brewery, Top Shed. Cromwell pitched the idea of them making a Cream Ale, and McKenna needed his arm twisted.

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East Coast Cream Ale. We’ve put a wee twist on a classic style. Dry hopped with Mosaic. It is redolent with hop aroma but not very bitter at all. It is a light bodied quaffer designed to be moreish. One could call it a Lawnmower Beer with flavour.]]>