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Steam Whistle to Top Shed

Big Hand Brewer Neil Moran filling up

<![CDATA[To travel is a delight, to return home doubly so. But on this occasion the return was made all the nicer by discovering that we'd made the newspapers.  Not just any newspaper — the Echo. Let's just call it great timing. So here's the Top Shed Crew yesterday taste testing some Steam Whistle from one […]

Upper Canada Rebellion Revival

<![CDATA[ There’s a Rebellion brewing. We’ve just got news that Upper Canada Brewings Legendary Rebellion Lager is being brought back from the dead by Henderson’s Brewing. I have been honoured that Steve Henderson asked me to put some words down about my recollections of the days of Rebellion at Upper Canada. Before what I recall […]

G W Barth Coffee Roaster 90 kg

Neil found us a buyer. It's a secret for now.

<![CDATA[Update: Barth sold to a secret buyer and proceeds have been used to purchase more stuff to make Beer.  Here is a picture of another prospective buyer who we had hoped would keep the Barth in Byron Bay. Oh well. After successfully bringing back our 1960’s Barth Coffee Roaster from a pile of bits and […]