Top Shed Long Table lunch

Top Shed Long Table Lunch #2

When: 15 March at 12pm-3pm
Where: 191 Sheaffes Rd, Goonengerry
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A specially designed menu by Stockpot Catering for a great Sunday filled with food, Top Shed beer, music, fun and good times. We’re talking classic burgers and snags made with ingredients sourced from the farm and other local artisan producers. Also back by popular demand Stockpot bad-assed pulled beef with coffee sliders.

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brewer Dave and Cream Ale V2

Celebrating Groundhog Day 2015

Dave Allen, brewer to Top Shed, has recently conjured up a new version of a Canadian-style Cream Ale. His first version was a golden-coloured brew akin to the early cream ales and which are popular in Eastern Canada. This second version is darker and similar to many cream ales brewed on the West Coast of Canada. Well, Greg did want the Top Shed Ale to be a bit darker in colour than Top Shed Lager and, with that in mind, our ever-creative brewer decided to expand the grain bill and vary the hop content at the same time. So what we now have is a brew with a distinctive mix of pale & coloured barley malts as well as flaked oats & corn, and a blend of Cascade, Crystal & Goldings hops. Retain the tasting notes of no. 1 for comparison – this one is sure to be different!

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And then there was beer

Top Shed was incredibly well supported at the launch event in January. Upwards of 120 folks showed up to help us demolish the better part of four kegs of Top Shed’s first beer. Brewmaster Dave had two beers ready for us for the event. Both the Lager and Cream Ale went down really well with the spectacular lunch provided by Stockpot Catering.

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There Will Be Beer

What’s in store ? Plans have been put in place to combine some barley malt, hops, water and yeast for some test brews.
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