Styles and Variations of Cream Ale

<![CDATA[Time for an update on the vital topic of CREAM ALE.
As we mentioned before, we made a start on brewing our East Coast Cream Ale with our Nano Brewery. We have a long way to go to catch up with where  Liam Mckenna has taken the original cream ale recipe we developed together (the one we named East Coast Cream Ale). As we prepare to use up the last of the ingredients that came with our brewery we are contemplating a few new cream ale collaborations.
Firstly, we were approached to do something with Mulberries. Like THIS;

The Mulberry Imperial Cream Ale is back!!! You’ve been asking for it, and the wait is over. We start with our Ominbus Cream Ale recipe and take it to the next level. Mulberry Imperial Cream Ale comes in at 7.2% with 100% Mulberry juice added right before kegging. Not trying to brag, but it’s probably the best purple beer in town…come and get it while it lasts!

And then of course we had to do something with our mates at Moonshine Coffee Roasters and before you know it, Coffee Cream Ale.

This incredibly smooth and creamy brew is perfect for any type of beer drinker. We took our highly drinkable cream ale recipe and made some cool twists on it. First we took a bag of freshly roasted Tanzania Peaberry Vanzibar coffee from our good friends at Flying Rhino Coffee Roaster and did a 24 hour cold steep post ferment. Second we transferred it and hit with a beer gas blend to carbonate it to make it seriously creamy. This is truly a well balanced gem of a beer with just the right amount of coffee.

And that’s just us. Our friends at Stone & Wood are having a go at making a Cream Ale with Honey… yummy.
So Cream Ale may still be a bit obscure on the world’s beer style lists but we’re showing there’s still life in the brew yet.]]>