East Coast Cream Ale Batch 4

<![CDATA[Now that's tasting better. Fourth time lucky. Have a look and listen.

Our first few batches of Cream Ale made from our little 200 L Nanobrewery had us on a steep learning curve. By brew four we felt we were making excellent progress.
So now it’s time for a tasting experience.
Before we brewed it we had a chat to our brewmaster Liam McKenna in the most Easterly Point of North American (Newfoundland) to go over some refinements he has made to our original recipe, as well as getting some tips to ensure we got a clean and vigorous fermentation. So we ended up doubling the amount of yeast, added plenty of yeast food and last but not least cranked up our hopping by a large margin.
When we tasted the wort after cooling the quadrupling of the hops from the original brew stood out like a streaker at a royal wedding. Yes, OK, Cream Ale was never a particularly hoppy beer but this one is and we’ll not be cautioned otherwise.
Our mission was to have a brew ready for Easter. Mission accomplished. Easter Cream Ale. Extra Hoppy. Hops make us happy.]]>