Organic Cream Ale

<![CDATA[Top Shed is looking at making some more history in the next few months. After several successful and well received test brews of our East Coast Cream Ale we have decided to go back to the drawing board. Don't Panic. It's going to be Organic!
Brewmaster Liam in St. Johns and Brewmaster Dave in Morpeth are working on sourcing organic barley, organic corn and organic hops to concoct an Organic Cream Ale Collaboration.
Once we have successfully sourced suppliers it will not take us long to sort out this next Top Shed Craft Brew.
IMG_8985 We hop(e) you can smell what we are stepping in. Here’s Liam McKenna having a big sniff of a new strain of hops we got to bury our heads in at the Craft Beer Conference in Philadelphia in May.

Philly Love Your Craft Style.