Top Shed Cream Ale

<![CDATA[It's amazing how quickly history can be made in these modern times. What would have taken years to accomplish only a few decades ago can be done in months. What a great time to be living.
Here is a brief history to date of Top Shed Cream Ale. What a serendipitous and delicious story it is.
Please note this is very much a work in progress and our plan is to keep updating this post and probably one day turn it into a page of its own.
Greg Cromwell wanders into the Commercial Hotel and finds a little brewery being operated by Dave Allen
Greg and Dave meet–hit it off. Dave agrees to brew some Lager for Top Shed. He also brews a Cream Ale.
Greg Cromwell and Jason Ferris taste Cream Ale and love it.
Top Shed launches with a big party at Cromwell Farms and folks get to try our Lager (recipe we developed) and the Cream Ale.
People Loved both. Cream Ale recipe revised to to differentiate it from the Lager in terms of colour and Top Shed Red Dog Cream Ale is born.
Dave can't make enough beer for us. Over capacity in Morpeth. Greg finds a brewery in Sydney to take over production. Top Shed Red Dog  Ale is produced, loved and sells out. Another batch his produced with a minor tweak to adjust colour–more Red — less brown. The Dog and Cream have been dropped from the name to prepare for another Cream Ale that is in the works*.
October 1, 2015-Email Brief sent to Liam

A collaboration from the most Easterly Point of Australia (Top Shed) and the most Easterly point of North America (Liam McKenna).
Opportunity knocks.
In the tradition of fire, ready and aim the end game here is to get us a recipe for a new Cream Ale that we can add to our current line of Top Shed Brews.
Top Shed Lager
Top Shed Red Dog Ale
Our goal is to brew a Cream Ale next week. To do this all we need is a recipe that will complement the two brews we have now. By complement we want something that is different in colour, taste and what we hope will end up being our flag ship brew. We are counting on you to put the McKenna dichotomy of thinking and doing to the test.
Ball Park Specs.
4.8 Alcohol
Light Golden Colour
Generous creamy head
Drinkable to the max because it just tastes so darn good

*Side Story. On a trip to St. Johns Greg wanders into another brewery and meets Liam Mckenna brewmaster at Yellow Belly. The two instantly become brothers from another mother. Plans are made to make a special brew for Top Shed and to produce it simultaneously in St. Johns, Newfoundland and St. Peter’s, New South Wales.
Newfoundland Beer History
History and Style Overview

Brothers (in Arms and from other Mothers) Liam McKenna and Greg Cromwell
A bit of “History in the Faking” Neil mocked up some labels for Cream Ale to take away camping–beer contained was Lager not Cream Ale. Just getting a bit of ready in our fire and aim.

And after the coffee came the beero's!

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