Williamsburg Lennox Head We Love You

Remember when someone believed in you and gave you a go? At Top Shed we will always remember our friends at Williamsburg in Lennox Head who gave us our first “permanent” tap. Then to Top it off they gave us a second Tap. Wow. How good is that?
We remember back in the day when Williamsburg was going to be Bill’s Burger and Beer and a few other things including something with Shed in it. Well we’re glad they chose the name Williamsburg (which also happens to be one of my favourite places back home to hang out). Glad I can now hangout at its namesake less then an hour away instead of 24 hours.
Speaking of hanging out we are getting ready to take a Top Shed Posse to Lennox Head right now for some a Sunday Session. Not just beer and burgers either….music. Sweet Music.
Can’t wait to take in some South Pacific Blues and feed it with some Brews and Burgers.  Matthew Armitage will be working his magic from 4 pm today till 7 pm… I bet if we cheer loud enough and shout a round of Top Shed Lager and Red Dog he would do an encore or two.
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