Bangalow Bowlo and Stockpot Kitchen

<![CDATA[Three out of Six Ain't Bad. What a cracker of a weekend. Wish it was a long one so we could have made the circuit to appreciate, love and enjoy all the local places of dining and beverageing that are serving and supporting Top Shed.
Another great night of goodness with JenJen, Big Red and the Stockpot Kitchen Crew at the Bangalow Bowlo. What a feast of the senses it was. Congratulations Shane Ironside on another hugely successful Family Fun Day at the Bowlo. And what fun it was. Just have a look.

JenJen feeling the power of a mug of Top Shed Lager
A feast of a plate for only $20
Family. Fun. And the Big Red photo bombing feast beast.
Fellas at the Mexican Feast Buffet.
Top me up. Original Lager Please.
Top me up. Original Lager Please.
That’s a wrap. Youngest of the Stock”dales” stacking up the last chair.